About Helen

I have always had such a love for all animals. But it wasn't until something really tragic happened in my life I realised just the full extent of how special our pets are. Reg & Rosie were the ones that gave me comfort when I was sad, they loved unconditionally and were the reason that I got up everyday. It was at this stage of my life I really learnt how to be compassionate and show empathy.  

Both Reg & Rosie sadly became very ill in later life. I invested so much in keeping them comfortable as I felt that I owed it to them. So when the time came to say goodbye I knew I had to make sure it was done with love and compassion. This is where I came inspired to set up my own Pet Cremation company. I want to offer a service to others to a standard that I would expect myself. Reg & Rosie were so much more than pets, they were my teachers, my companions and a huge part of my family.  

I can honestly say that there isn't a day that goes by where Reg & Rosie aren't in my thoughts. I now have my lovely little George & Joy, and as in her name they too have come into my life to teach me lessons. They are my little rocks in this process. I just hope that Reg & Rosie walk with us still and I know they will be waiting at Rainbow bridge.